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The Indian cuisine is a very critical one and demands great expertise. Thankfully, through our long journey in the food industry, we have got hold of the several tips and tricks of the Indian kitchen and those are employed while making your favourite dishes. The quality that we put on the table is a consequence of our tireless experiments and constant efforts. Now, you can opt to have the entire experience right in the Your home at your door step. You should only have to download our app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free and we will be able to serve you with our entire menu right on your device. Place your order and wait with a voracious appetite, as we bring all our resources in one place to make your dishes truly phenomenal. Order today or visit us now with your near and dear ones to get a hint of how the Indian cuisine can punch well above its weight

Curry Kings Kingswood Restaurant

We are located at a very promising part in the Bristol. To be exact our location is at 243 Two Mile Hill Road, Bristol, BS15 1AY. This part of the city is extremely well connected with every other part, thanks to a good network of roads and linking alleys. Transportation is also pretty smooth and the traffic is lighter than ever. Yet, if you find any issues while locating us, you can head over to our app for instant GPS support. So what are you waiting for? If you think your meal deserves an Indian touch, reach us today with your peers.

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